Quick-Fix CBT? Really?



Really. It's a thing.

But how?

Quick-Fix CBT is not less work than regular CBT. It's not even less therapy than regular CBT. It's just done over a shorter period of time. It starts with a screening questionnaire and a two-hour assessment and planning session. If you are a good match for this kind of treatment we then book in the intensive block of treatment. Here are some examples of how it might look:

  • Three 3-hour sessions in two weeks to help you with your fear of flying before you go on holiday
  • Four 2-hour sessions to overcome a blood phobia because you've been putting off getting your iron levels tested
  • Four 3-hour sessions so you can do that presentation to a new client next month despite social anxiety that's plagued you since you freaked out in front of everyone at uni
  • Six 3-hour sessions of exposure and response prevention (ERP) to kick your OCD firmly in the gonads
  • One epic 6-hour day to tackle your spider phobia before you move to Australia
  • Seven 2-hour sessions of trauma-focused CBT to help you get back to work 
  • Three 2-hour sessions to recover from that random panic attack that came out of nowhere and got you monitoring every heartbeat
  • One 3-hour home visit in the middle of your regular OCD treatment to help you leave the house without your usual checks

These are just examples. Your screening questionnaire and two-hour assessment and planning session will help us to work out a plan to fit with your particular problem. We'll take into account your previous therapy and any deadlines you might have for needing to make changes.

Is it as good as regular weekly sessions?

This is still a fairly new area of research, but the studies out there are showing that brief, intensive and concentrated CBT is an effective way to treat phobias, OCD, panic and PTSD, and sometimes the intensive format is even more effective than weekly treatment.

Some people like having the regular routine of a weekly session and time to practice things in between. But if you want to get the bulk of your treatment done while you're on annual leave, before you go on holiday, in time for a medical procedure, in preparation for an epic speech, or before the baby arrives... Quick-Fix CBT might be for you.

When can I have it?

I aim to have your Quick-Fix CBT starting within a month, provided our days and times match up. Due to limitations with room availability, it's easier to plan if you are able to come during the day, but some evenings might available. Weekends, bank holidays and home visits are available at an additional cost.

Speaking of cost... How much does it cost?

Quick Fix CBT is £120 per hour (and by "hour" I mean the therapy hour of 50 minutes) on weekdays, and £150/hour for weekends and bank holidays.  Home visits are priced individually, please contact me for a quote if you would like intensive treatment in your home.

Then what happens?

After your intensive block of treatment we will try to book in some follow up sessions to consolidate what you've learned, work through any hurdles and set yourself a plan for a future without me. But if all you actually needed was to get through that best man speech, feel free to cease all contact. 

Isn't Quick-Fix usually meant to be an insult when it comes to CBT?

Yes, I believe it is intended that way, I just disagree with the premise. For the record I also don't think it's insulting to think of CBT as a band-aid. But more on that later.